Many people aren't aware of all their options when it comes to purchasing a new vehicle. Terms, rates and taxes all play a big part in your cost of ownership when financing but for many folks there is a better option! Leasing!

1)      Keeps more money in your pocket each month

Perhaps the best advantage over financing a vehicle, leasing your next ride is a great way to keep those monthly payments lower and give yourself a little extra to save (or spend!). When financing a vehicle you’re paying for the ride and full amount of taxes regardless of whether or not you sell it later on. Leasing allows you to drive the car while only paying down the taxes of each payment and depreciation during the time you have it. Once the lease ends so does your obligation!


2)      Warranty Coverage

A short-term lease will ensure you have limited warranty coverage over the course of your lease period giving you peace of mind while you’re traversing the country side. GM offers 3-year 60,000km base warranty coverage on all new vehicles with 5-year 100,000km powertrain component coverage. This ensures that during the course of your lease you are never without some form of warranty


3)      Get the latest and greatest on your terms

New cars come out every single year with new options, features, looks and technology. Leasing will help you to get into the latest models without needing to bury negative equity from your last vehicle keeping your new purchase as affordable as possible. Keep up with the industry and never fall out of love with your ride!


4)      Get more for less

With tax deductions and lower monthly costs you can really stretch your dollar when leasing. Whether you want to get into a bigger vehicle or splurge on a leather interior with that sunroof you’ve always wanted leasing will get you more for less! So go ahead you deserve it


5)      Don’t Sweat Depreciation

The more you drive your vehicle the less it’s worth, an unfortunate reality when financing a vehicle usually discovered at trade-in time. With leasing you pass the liability of depreciation on to the manufacture! Pay for what you use and since the car isn’t technically yours you don’t need to worry about its value when it’s time for lease end



6)      Ditch it or Don’t!

Love the vehicle but your lease is coming to an end? No sweat, most leases have a purchase option at the end of the term meaning you can finance what you haven’t already paid off keeping your purchase affordable while staying in a ride you’re familiar with and know the history of.

If you're shopping for your next ride dont hesitate to ask us about lease options, our sales team would be happy to show you both options and let you choose which is best for you

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