Early Adopters of Electric vehicles usually all have the same thing to say about their rides, “I’m never going back!”. Strong sentiment from so many people, its no wonder why the industry is rushing to produce more models to offer more options for different folks lifestyles. These are juts a few of the top reasons those who have gone electric are leaving gas vehicles in their rearview mirror


{C}1) {C} No oil changes/reduced service schedule – No oil means no oil changes! Electric motors require much less regular maintenance than gas or diesel engines. No need for spark plugs, coolant, filters or oil which means your ride will have less down time in the shop


{C}2) {C} Charge from home, no gas station stops in -40 – Forgot to fill up on the way home? No problem! With an EV just plug in using your home charger and wake-up the following morning to a full charge. No more detours on the way to work to top off your fuel tank so go ahead and take that extra 15 mins of sleep ??


{C}3) {C} Smooth acceleration on demand – Perhaps the best feature of driving and EV is the feeling behind the wheel. Quite honestly the control is unlike anything you’ve ever driven before! No gears to shift and find, you have the power right in the palm of your foot (Arch of your foot?) No need to wait to downshift passing on the highway!


{C}4) {C} Great range – EV Range is a pivotal point when it comes to looking at ownership but you may be surprised to see how far the technology has come already. The newest edition of the Bolt offers 417km of range from full and fast charging of 145km per 30 mins of charge time using DC fast chargers available for public use. Meaning you’ve got range to burn in town and easy planning for highway trips


{C}5) {C} Green driving – EVs are geared towards the environmentally conscious. They offer no emissions outside of their initial production and offset those emissions within 3 years of clean driving. This means you can enjoy the full driving experience knowing you’re doing you’re part


{C}6) {C} Stop paying for gas – EVs have a much lower cost of ownership. They have an incredibly simple schedule of maintenance and don’t require a $60+ top up each week! What would you do with all the money you would save in fuel?


{C}7) {C} Gov incentives – Save yourself even more and enjoy government incentives on new EV’s with up to $3,000 through our Provincial Government and up to $5,000 through our Federal Government for a total of $8,000 off the after tax purchase price of your new Bolt

Its no wonder why we see more and more people each year make the switch and start enjoying all the benefits of owning an Electric Vehicle

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